Sure Sile Fructan

Sure Sile Fructan is a biological silage additive suited to grass silage. Fermentation of grass into silage is an inefficient process. Sure Sile Fructan is a combination of bacteria able to make this process more efficient. Less energy is lost and less protein is broken down. The result is a silage which gives better animal performance, reliably and economically.

A natural fermentation of grass can take from 2-6 weeks, Sure Sile Fructan will ferment grass in 2 days. This stops unwanted organisms growing in the silage before the silage is stable. These organisms both waste energy and breakdown valuable true protein in the silage.

The rapid pH drop leads to a significant reduction in the level of protein breakdown. This is important as the increased true protein level leads to enhanced animal production and the reduced ammonia production leads to increased intakes and palatability.

Enzyme Activity
Reliability is critical even in low sugar conditions. Sure Sile Fructan contains Microferms Lactobacillus paracasei strain of bacteria which is able to produce a fructanase enzyme, only when required, to release additional sugar, which in turn feeds the bacteria which drops the silage pH quickly to a stable level. This enzyme is only produced when the bacteria run out of available water soluble carbohydrates. Other silage additives without this strain have to rely on a slow release of sugars which results in a slow inefficient fermentation. It is important to realise that enzymes in silage additives do not improve the D value of silage as the cows rumen contains a wider range of enzymes than silage additives do.

Performance and Economics
Sure Sile Fructan treated silage will give an extra 1.1 litres of milk per cow per day. Typically this is a return of 5:1 on the cost of treatment. Forage quality is the most critical component of profitable dairy and cattle farming. Sure Sile Fructan is a key ingredient with good management to ensure maximum returns from home grown forage.

Trials have also shown that use of Sure Sile Fructan is able to replace 1.39kg of concentrate per head per day in the diet. This is a considerable saving over a winter of feeding.

Unique Bacteria
Sure Sile Fructan contains three homofermentative strains of Microferms EU registered bacteria. These strains have been selected to maximise performance when working together.

Lactobacillus plantarum DSMZ 16627 1K20749
Pediococcus acidilactici NCIMB 30005 1K21013
Lactobacillus paracasei NCIMB 30151 1K20748

Enhanced Stability
Sure Sile Fructan can be mixed with Coolsile to provide the benefits of both products where aerobic stability is an issue. In this case ΒΌ rate Sure Sile Fructan is mixed with full rate Coolsile. This is an ideal mixture where forage quality and aerobic stability are important.

Sure Sile Fructan is available in 3 formats;

  • Standard liquid 1kg treats 25 tonnes
  • ULV liquid 50g treats 50 tonnes
  • Dry granular 20kg treats 50 tonnes